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Quantity: 1 Lot of 50 Individual StiksSqwincher Qwik Stik LITE Powder ConcentrateFlavor: Peach TeaSize: Makes 20oz. drinksZero CaloriesSugar FreeAbsorbes into the body faster than water aloneTwice the Potassiumand half the Sodium compared to other sports drinks used inindustryEffective method to reduce the rate of heat stress induced injuries and improve performanceand productivity

Quick Stik Lite, Powder Cencentrate, Up to 20 oz Serving, No Caffeine. Low Sodium. Non-Carbonated. Contains No Fruit Juice. Just Add Water., Replenish the liquid and the essential electrolytes lost through perspiration and heat stress, Translates into increased energy and productivity, Cost effective way to help keep hydrated and defent against effects of heat stress

060104-Pt Qwik Stik 20-Oz Pwdrpeach Tea 1Bg of 50 QVDAJWCZP

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