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Size: 3 Wide x 3 High Plus a 2 Pick.Material: Resin

We promise to be friends forever no matter how far apart we may be, might be the promise Fairies Faith and Hope have made to each other. They are forever joined in their hearts as they hold hands, while strolling freely and joyfully through the greenery on the fairy garden pathways. Place the fairies on a soft patch of ground cover, because the fairies are barefoot! Both fairy lasses have long flowing hair adorned with pink ribbons and flowers. Their ladylike dresses are befitting for young girls. One has a pink and gray striped design, while the other dress is fashioned with white polka dots. One can only image them laughing and enjoying the beautiful flowers in the miniature garden. (Note: Miniatures are small items that pose potential choking hazards to small children. They are not toys. Any accessories pictured are not included, for illustrative purposes only.)

1 X Miniature Garden Fairies Faith and Hope ZWBRUVZPG

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