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(3-Pack) 12 Oz Bags, Medium-dark roast, Single-Origin, Organic, Fair Trade, Non-GMOAmazingly rich, fragrant and spicy – one of the world’s most delicious and complex coffeesBuying Multi Packs keeps your coffee fresher longer. Heat and Air are coffees bitter enemies!Whole Bean coffee allows the perfect grind for all brewing methods – drip, pour-over, French press, Chemex and Aeropress5% of all profits are donated to the Semper Fi Fund benefiting wounded U.S. Armed Forces members and their families

Ethiopia produces many wonderful coffees. But one of them is truly legendary. It’s Yirgacheffe – a coffee so exquisite that it was the only coffee allowed in the palaces of the Ethiopian kings. And our Yirgacheffe selection is truly a revelation. It’s hugely fragrant and spicy with occasional hints of citrus and blueberries. And that’s just the beginning. Sweeter caramel and chocolate flavors start to develop as the cup cools down. No matter your brewing preference – drip, pour-over, Chemex, AeroPress or cold brewed, Dancing Moon Yirgacheffe is truly a coffee that’s fit for a king.

3-Pack 12 oz. Dancing Moon Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Whole Bean Organic Fair Trade Coffee LTJNHRFUN

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