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for use only in Keurig Vue brewing systems (not compatible with K Cup Brewers)Total 32 Vue Cups from Starbucks16 Starbucks House Blend Coffee Vue Cup16 Starbucks French Roast Coffee Vue Cup

16x House Blend Coffee Vue Cup:
Since Starbucks opened their very first store, they’ve welcomed coffee lovers with this signature expression of roasting style - wonderful balance, crisp acidity, nut and cocoa flavors, and a touch of sweetness from the roast.

16x French Roast Coffee Vue Cup:
Starbucks darkest and boldest and not for the faint of heart. They start with high-quality beans, which can withstand the intense fires that make French Roast what it is, and roast them to their edge. The result is a delectably smoky cup, intense and uncompromising.

32 Count Starbucks House Blend & French Roast Coffee Vue Cup For Keurig Vue Brewers TWJBMDGJM

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