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Contain: 50ccDiameter: 6.5CM height:3.5CMFor this item, you can get 3pcs tea cups. This 3 teacups are made by an exellent worker and design by a famous team. They are all 100% handmade.

There is a special kind of rock which is mostly mineral deposits found under the ground near Yixing, Jiangsu province. The rocks after being mined are grounded by machine with water, then they are filtered to form a kind of paste, just like the bean paste, which is used to make teapots and cups. Because the paste contains very fine natural mineral, the teapots and cups make the tea sweet. The longer when you use, the more sweet the tea. Zisha Yixing teapot is very famous and fine craftsmen's teapot are sold easily and over 10,000 yuan in China.

3pc Tang Poems Chinese Yixing Handmade Zisha Zini Tea Cups 50cc KAOYZHZZO

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