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gourmet oolong teaimported from Taiwanimpressive health benefitsno fat, sugar, calories or carbscost per cup: 0.15

The darker, more oxidized oolongs of Taiwan are known for having very lush, playful flavors. Deeply floral, honey and juicy, it's not uncommon to have a lovely cup that's almost like a succulent slice of peach. Why not let the tea play with some actual peaches Our Peach Oolong is truly an inspired treat. Fragrant and sweet like a perfectly ripe fruit, with a smooth astringency and lingering floral aroma. So very harmonious, indeed. Please, be a peach - try this oolong! If you are looking to increase your consumption of tea Adagio is the answer: Health benefits and great taste in one convenient tea package. Loose tea and tea bags available.

Adagio Teas Peach Oolong Loose Oolong Tea 16 oz. MEPQIRYLL

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