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ALVITA Nettle Leaf 24 BAGCaffein Free

Nettle Leaf Tea by Alvita Tea 24 Bag A perennial with separate male and female plants. Nettle (Urtica dioica) grows up to 4 feet tall and has toothed pointed leaves that sting when touched. The sting causes a burning sensation. This is because each hair consists of a sharp hollow spine that breaks off easily allowing liquid inside formic acid to be released into the object causing the injury. In spite of its stinging Nettles are of considerable usein many ways including culinary they contain vitamins A and C iron and a variety of other minerals. The young shoots can also be boiled as a vegetable. Nettle fibers can be spun into rope and made into cloth. Cosmetically Nettle is a good cleanser especially for oily skin. As a tea Nettle may be taken hot or cold and many prefer it sweetened and flavored with lemon.

Alvita Tea Nettle Leaf Caffeine Free 24 bag2 pack GLPDIYCGJ

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