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This is for 1 handcrafted, American made branding iron. This is the letter 'D', the branding iron measures 10" in length including the handle, and the letter itself is approximately 2". These branding irons can be burned into wood cabinents, tables, chairs, desks, leather items, whatever you can think of to give an Old West feeling to your home or project. They can also be used to brand your steaks for supper. Give your guests a home branded meal!! May be used as a wall hanging in a Western or Cowboy room. Great conversation pieces!These irons will need to be heated on the stove or a grill for about 10 minutes prior to use. Use CAUTION: these irons will be very HOT, and you will need to use thick gloves when handling.

American Made Branding Iron Steak Brand Western Cowboy Letter D CLNVCVGMN

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